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"Nocturne Essence", our first symphony in the "New Moon" line, inspired by the mysterious power of the new moon, where the earth and moon come together in perfect harmony, creating a moment of quiet understanding and new possibilities.


Myrrh: This complex resin adds notes of mystery and depth, reminding you of the secrets of the new moon waiting to be discovered.

Cherry Wood: The delicacy of this ingredient reflects the subtlety of the new moon, the phase in which the moon is invisible and its influence is most mysterious.

Green Tea: It is refreshing, reflecting the freshness of the new moon, new beginnings and unlimited possibilities.

Vanilla: The warmth of vanilla brings comfort and sweetness, symbolizing the hope and promise that the new moon brings.

Trisamber: A unique molecule that adds clarity and durability to a fragrance, emphasizing its unfathomable power and influence, just as the new moon influences the beginning of a new cycle of life.


"Nocturne Essence" is not an ordinary fragrance. It is a reflection of the unconscious influence of the moon on our psyche and emotions, it is a feeling of renewal, it is a magical portal to the unknown. Perfect for those who want to discover new paths and experience an extraordinary journey through their interior, guided by the cycle and energy of the moon.

Nocturne Essence (#NewMoon Line) - 50ml extrait

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