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"Lunar Radiance" is an expression of fullness, a symphony of achievement and contentment, a reflection of the moments when the moon is in its full glory and life is revealed in all its splendor and splendor.

Vanilla: Sweet vanilla adds warmth and depth, creating a feeling of comfort and contentment.
Amber: Notes of amber create a rich, complex foundation, symbolizing the durability and value of moments of full life.
Balsamic Notes: Deep, balsamic notes add sophistication and luxury, creating an atmosphere of celebration and happiness.
Trisamber: This unique molecule adds durability and clarity to the fragrance, just as a full moon brings out the best in the night sky.
Palo Santo: The mysterious Palo Santo adds a spiritual element and reflects the deep reflection that often accompanies the full moon.

"Lunar Radiance" is a tribute to the moments of fullness of life, it is a celebration of achievements. The moment when we stand in the richness of our power. Perfect for those who want to appreciate the present, as well as for those who see beauty in the moment and are ready to celebrate it. This is a fragrance for those who get the best from life.

Lunar Radiance (#FullMoon Line) - 50ml extrait

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