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"Crescent Ambition" is a manifestation of strength and determination, a reflection of the transition from dream to reality, where the moon grows stronger and influences our aspirations and perseverance.

Amber: This ancient ingredient adds warmth and depth, creating a lasting and strong foundation on which dreams are built.
Sandalwood: Its unique, woody notes reflect the stability and confidence needed on the way to your goal.
Vanilla: Vanilla notes add sweetness and comfort, reminding you of the rewards that await those who follow their dreams.
Caramel: This is an element of surprise, adding richness and complexity, symbolizing the diversity of experiences on the path to success.
Cardamom: Spicy and refreshing cardamom adds energy and freshness, motivating you to act and emphasizing tenacity in pursuing your goal.

"Crescent Ambition" is not just a scent, it is a reflection of the path to success. A path full of challenges, joy, unexpected turns and tenacity. Perfect for those who have a goal, a vision and will stop at nothing to achieve them. This is a fragrance for the brave, for those who see their future and are ready to conquer it.


Crescent Ambition (#FirstQuarter Line) - 50ml extrait

530,00zł Regular Price
435,00złSale Price

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