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Moonscent - Where the stars meet the nose.

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Meet the Creators Moonscent!

In a world full of stars and galaxies, two sisters gave birth to a magical universe of fragrances -Moonscent. Meet the dynamic duo who follow the path of the Moon and stars, creating fragrances that take us on a cosmic journey.

Sister Astrologer - Zodiacal Libra: Passionate about astrology and tarot, she is balanced like her zodiac sign. By studying the sky, she perfected the art of creating scents that reflected the phase of the moon on a given day. Whether it's a New Moon or a Full Moon, her ability to combine astrology with perfumery is as precise as predicting the future. Don't ask her about her horoscope for tomorrow unless you are ready for a magical answer in the form of a scent!

Sister Artist - Zodiac Leo: A stage soul, actress and singer in one! Her vocal power and acting energy are transformed into bold, sensual fragrances that shine brightly like stars in the night sky. Her perfumes are as expressive as her performances on stage - full of passion, fire and, of course, a bit of drama. Let yourself be carried away by these emotions if you have the courage!

Together, these two sisters combine their unique talents and passions to create Moonscent. From the New Moon, through the First and Last Quarter, to the Full Moon, each fragrance is a cosmic symphony of extracts composed of the highest quality fragrance oils and molecules.

At Moonscent, we are aware that the Moon rules tides, moods and, of course, our scents. We want each bottle to be like a small piece of space that you can carry with you wherever you go.

Join us on this astral journey of fragrances, where the stars are the guide, the Moon is the captain, and you are the discoverers of your own universe!


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